Our Projects

The BID exists to carry out a number of projects to benefit Banbury and to boost trading performance over the next five years and these are shown below.

Our projects at a glance

Banbury BID joins more than 280 BIDs already operating across the UK, with the majority focusing on town or city centres. The activities of the BID are designed to benefit the entire range of business sectors within central Banbury and help boost trading performance over the next five years.

Better promoted – budget £205,000 over 5 years

  • Targeted campaigns to highlight the attractions of Banbury to new visitor catchments
  • High-quality town centre branding to underpin a range of new promotional activities
  • The use of social media channels to promote Banbury and build customer loyalty
  • Promotion of the town to a regional & national audience

More vibrant – budget £250,000 over 5 years

  • Projects to increase footfall during quieter trading periods
  • Enhancement of the current street markets
  • Enhancements to the appearance and use of vacant units
  • Work to expand the impact of current events

Better for Businesses – budget £125,000 over 5 years

  • Providing a range of support projects for independent businesses
  • Work to attract new businesses into Banbury town centre
  • Negotiating reduced parking rates for business staff
  • Forming key partnerships with local organisations to add weight to improvement projects

Better for visitors – budget £90,100 over 5 years

  • Market research to inform key projects to increase visitor numbers
  • Lobbying for car park improvements and additional car parking spaces
  • Partnerships with key bodies to bring about further town centre improvements
  • Working to influence the reinstatement of key bus services

Working for you – budget £380,250 over 5 years

  • Employing a professional team of staff, headed up by a Director to drive forwards all BID projects & activities
  • Work to raise the quality, co-ordination and promotion of the evening & night-time offer in the town centre
  • Enacting a series of initiatives in order to gain the prestigious Purple Flag accreditation for the evening & night-time economy
  • Wherever possible, recycling the local pound by using local businesses to help carry out BID projects